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Prague, Czech Republic July 9, 2015

Posted by on July 9, 2015

Today we went on a tour with World War II in Prague. We’ve already visited Anne Frank’s House in the Netherlands and Dachau and Eagle’s Nest in Germany, but I didn’t know much about the Czech’s role in WWII. Our guide Sonia was amazing – a Czech native with a passion for her country’s history. We walked through cobblestone streets where the Germans had marched into the city, followed by the Russians who liberated Prague. We toured the bunkers under city hall where the Czech resistance hid from the Nazis and explored the dungeons and prison cells where Nazis were held for trial after the war. We also walked through the Jewish Quarter, where small brass plaques mark the residences and places of business of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.

As the sun set, we went to Old Town Square. There were street performers and food vendors selling ice cream, a pastry called trdelnik, sausages, and fried cheese sandwiches. We stood with all the other tourists and watched the astronomical clock and then took the tram back to our hotel.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square



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