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October 14, 2009 Melbourne, Australia

Posted by on October 14, 2009

We finally arrived! We left Des Moines at 4:30 on Monday afternoon and arrived in Melbourne at 11:30am on Wednesday morning. The first thing we did was visit the Old Melbourne Gaol, a jail dating back to the 1840s. The cells were really small and it was unnerving to see the gallows where 135 prisoners were hanged.

After we left the jail, I was stopped on the street by 3 policemen. They asked for my ID and wanted to know what we were doing in Melbourne, where we were staying, how long we’d been here. Apparently, they thought I had something to do with a crime at the State Library. Maybe it was because we had just left the jail, but it really upset me! Of all the places we’ve traveled, we’ve never been stopped and asked for our passports.

It’s spring here and the weather is chilly and rainy. It never fails – rain follows us wherever we go.





Melbourne’s Famous Block Arcade



Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market



Old Melbourne Gaol

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