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October 18, 2009 Phillip Island, Australia

Posted by on October 18, 2009

We picked up our campervan and drove to Phillip Island. The drive was gorgeous – lots of green hills, sheep, cows, ocean, and of course, rain. My husband was nervous about driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car, but he was great.

Phillip Island is about 2 hours south of Melbourne. We’re here to see the MotoGP race and we’re going to camp at the track. It’s freezing– 50 degrees, rainy, and windy! There’s mud everywhere. At least our campervan has a heater. We’re surrounded by Australians and New Zealanders who love to talk, laugh, and drink beer.

We went to the Koala Conservation Centre and it was amazing! We saw several koalas eating, sleeping, and one even had a baby with her. As we were walking through the park, we saw a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. Now we need to see a crocodile, a dingo, and a wombat and we’ll be set!

Phillip Island is famous for its Penguin Parade. Fairy Penguins hunt in the ocean all day and come back to their nests at sunset. We sat on the beach tonight and watched the penguins walk past. It was freezing, but worth it.

I had to take a breathalyzer at a police checkpoint while driving. I’ve had more contact with the police on this trip than I have in my whole life.


Our Campervan at Phillip Island’s MotoGP track



Koala Conservation Centre


Mother and Joey


Phillip Island – don’t let the gorgeous view fool you – it’s freezing!

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