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Dachau, Germany July 2, 2015

Posted by on July 2, 2015

I wanted to visit Dachau Concentration Camp, which is located just outside Munich. I knew we could visit on our own, but I really wanted an in-depth tour by someone with unique insight. I had read great things about InMunich Tours’ Dachau Tour and we were not disappointed. We met our guide Jon in Marienplatz square at 10:45am and he led our group to the camp via train and bus.

We have visited Peace Park in Hiroshima as well as the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, and Dachau had the same surreal, somber, and charged atmosphere. Walking through the gates on such a bright and sunny day, it was difficult to fathom the horrors that took place in Dachau. There were trees and bushes and birds, where I had imagined bleak fields. Jon told us Dachau was primarily a work camp for political prisoners that was presented as a model camp to inspectors. It wasn’t until we walked through the torture chambers, solitary prison cells, gas chambers, and crematorium that the reality sunk in.

Gates entering Dachau "Work sets you free"

Gates entering Dachau
“Work sets you free”

Memorial at Dachau which operated from 1933-1945

Memorial at Dachau which operated from 1933-1945


Guard Tower

Guard Tower




Electrified perimeter




Entrance to gas chamber "Brausebad" means shower

Entrance to gas chamber
“Brausebad” means shower

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