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Shanghai, China October 7, 2014

Posted by on October 7, 2014

This morning we took the train to the Shanghai Circuit, most famous for F1 races. They also have go-karts that go incredibly fast! We started with the slow karts which were fast enough for me, but my husband went crazy drifting around corners in the pro karts that top out at over 100 kph. They made sure I tied my hair up and put on a helmet, but apparently they don’t see the need for seatbelts.


Shanghai Inernational Circuit

We took the train back to the city, where I was determined to eat “real” Chinese food. Or just food in Shanghai. We went to Hot Pot, a restaurant where they cook whatever you choose on a hot plate in the middle of your table. My husband isn’t a huge fan of new food, so I chose Chicken with Vegetables from the menu. It sounded the most familiar, since the rest of the menu listed ligaments, tendons, and organs. Everything was going well until I noticed chicken feet and possibly a neck in the pot.


He looks leery already…


The infamous chicken foot

We walked to YuYuan Gardens tonight about an hour before they closed. It was really quiet and nice to have the gardens to ourselves. The markets surrounding the gardens were really pretty at night.


YuYuan Gardens

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