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Jill and Keith

Jill and Keith wanted to get away to a warm destination with a great beach. They wanted an adult-only resort where they could snorkel and relax around the pool. I suggested the Sabor Resort in Cozumel, Mexico. My clients like the intimate feel of the Sabor and its affordable price. Cozumel is surrounded by a large barrier reef, which makes for great snorkeling and scuba diving.

The weather was perfect – it rained one evening, but we were out at a restaurant while it rained, and by the time we were ready to go it had passed.  We did rent a scooter and drove all around the island on Sunday.  We were told this was when there were less tourists because there were no cruise ships there on Sundays, so that’s when we went.  Some things were closed, but we saw the whole island, which was really cool.  It was fun to see the difference in the ocean from the resort side of the island compared to the “virgin” side as they referenced it to us.  We also went down town that day and had a great time.  Other than that, we stayed at the resort primarily.  The snorkeling just off the beach was really good and fun to go out and see all the marine life that was so close to the shore.  We did go on a glass bottom boat ride and then went to 2 of the reef areas about 20 minutes away from the resort and went snorkeling there too.  That was amazing!  I also went parasailing at the resort, which was beautiful and I really enjoyed it.  Overall, it was a great time.  The only down side was that we both got sick on the way home and ended up with strep throat, but thankfully we were able to enjoy almost the whole vacation before we started getting sick!  And then we were ready to head home by that time too since we weren’t feeling so well.

The resort wasn’t the cleanest in the world, but we were reminded that there are “different” standards in Mexico.  It wasn’t a concern, but just a few things in the room that didn’t look as clean as I would’ve liked.  But we didn’t spend much time in the room —  instead focused on the beach and enjoying the ocean time.

Thanks again for your help…we’ll keep your name for the next trip we take…but it might be a few years for us to save up again! Thanks, Cindy!