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Jenna, Shawn, and Katie

Girls Trip to Thailand

Jenna, Katie, and Shawn wanted to take a trip to Thailand to celebrate earning their Master’s degrees. They wanted time to relax on the beach, soak up the culture, and explore the country. Since the flight to Thailand is so long, I suggested stopping in Hong Kong for a night. They then flew to the beautiful island of Phuket, the countryside of Chiang Mai, and the bustle of Bangkok.

Jenna’s notes on their trip: Just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU! We had an amazing time, and thanks to your instructions on how to get to each hotel from the airport – we didn’t have any problems at all. Hong Kong was foggy but we did Victoria’s Peak, the ferry, lots of shopping and exploring. We got accustomed to the time pretty quickly (thank god!)….coming back was a different story. 🙂 Phuket was sunny and warm every single day. 1st day we relaxed and got massages for about three hours. ( one on the beach, one at the hotel, one on the street…) it was wonderful. Second day we did John Gray’s sea canoe which may have been my favorite day of the whole trip. They just make it so special and personalized to each person, it was really nice. Day 3 was Maya beach tour. It was beautiful but way too touristy…our favorite part of that day was snorkeling. Katie and I rented a scooter later that night and drove to Patong beach. We had a few drinks and drove back to the hotel in what seemed like a monsoon- I’m shocked we’re still alive after that experience. Chiang Mai we loved the zip lining (amazing tour guides), we went to the elephant camp, pet the tigers, and had another massage day. We also made some friends who owned the bar across the street and they hooked us up with all kinds of fun stuff. We ate insects. Bangkok was mostly just massages and relaxation. We went to this rooftop bar at Banyon Hotel called Moon. It had a great view of the city. We also tried the fish massage while in Bangkok which was completely miserable but made our legs really soft. Anyway- it was perfect and we couldn’t have done it without you. I’m never traveling internationally without you again (Shawn and Katie feel the same way). Thank you thank you thank you!!!’ ~ Jenna

Tiger encounter