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Why you should use a Travel Agent

A professional travel agent will save you time, provide expert knowledge, and help you find the best value for your budget. Through close relationships with airlines, resorts, and vacation companies, travel agents package all aspects of your trip and save you money. Travel agents actively seek the best prices, airline schedules, hotel rooms, and vacation promotions on the travel market.

What makes Global Adventures Travel LLC unique

Cindy is dedicated to providing you with personalized service. She focuses on matching her client’s interests and budget. She works to create a magical vacation that meets your requests and exceeds your expectations. Cindy is committed to making your vacation as simple and enjoyable as possible by taking the guesswork out of planning.

Why you should let Global Adventures Travel LLC arrange your vacation rather than taking your chances by booking on the Internet

First-hand knowledge and Personal travel experiences

How is Cindy so confident in her recommendations of hotels, cruises, and destinations? Because I’ve been there! Her passion for travel takes her around the globe in search of new and exciting destinations and experiences.

Knowledge of the travel industry

Just as you would use a lawyer to write your will and an accountant to prepare your taxes, you should use a professional travel agent. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars, as well as a large portion of your hard-earned vacation time, it makes sense to use a professional. Travel agents navigate airfares that change constantly, provide information on passports, and advise clients on necessary vaccines and immunizations.

Long-term relationships

The best travel agents want to develop a long-term relationship with their clients, not just make one sale. Therefore, Cindy strives to make a personal connection with each client by determining their interests, expectations, and previous travel experiences. Her passion for exciting destinations, magical honeymoons, and fabulous cruises is unmatched by a computer.

Service, Service, Service

Missed your flight connection in Japan? Need to cancel your trip after your grandmother passed away? Overcharged by your hotel upon check out? Need assistance after your wallet was stolen in Hawaii? Cindy has handled these situations and more. Try calling Expedia or Travelocity when you need a friendly voice to help you in an emergency. A travel agent serves as their client’s advocate in the event something inadvertently goes wrong.

Payment terms

Global Adventures Travel uses vacation companies that allow the traveler to make a deposit upon initial reservation with the balance due about 60 days prior to departure. These payment terms allow for better budgeting. Since making your reservation early is the most important part of securing early morning departure and late afternoon return flights, preferred seat assignments, and hotel rooms that fill quickly, these payment terms allow travelers to plan early. Internet companies require full payment up front.