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Angela and Kevin

I met Angela and Kevin at Hy-Vee’s Bridal Show. We talked about our shared love of travel and their hopes for their honeymoon. Angela and Kevin had many ideas, including Scandinavia, Italy, France, and Croatia. They asked me what my favorite destination was, which is such a difficult question for me! I told them about trekking through the Sahara on camels in Morocco, kayaking in New Zealand fjords, soaking in onsens in Japan, and sailing through the Greek Isles. They changed their minds and decided to travel to Morocco and Santorini, Greece. I arranged their flights, riad in Morocco, hotel in Santorini, and camel trek in the Sahara.

Unfortunately the night before the wedding, Angela and Kevin’s house was burglarized. Many things were stolen, including their passports. There was no way they could travel without their passports, but fortunately they had purchased travel insurance. The policy covered theft of passports and travel documents, and the insurance reimbursed the couple for the total trip cost.

Cindy, You are Awesome. Thank you so much for helping us plan our honeymoon. We were so undecided on what to do for our honeymoon and you helped us design/plan our trip of a lifetime. We were excited for every aspect of the trip we put together. And thank you for all your help these last two weeks. We really appreciate you answering all our questions, talking with us so late on a Sunday, and your help with the insurance claim. It’s been very reassuring having your expertise through this experience, and we appreciate all your help and guidance.