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Bali, Indonesia October 13, 2016

Posted by on October 13, 2016

Today we took a tour of Sebatu, the village where our resort Puri Gangga is located. Our guide, Erma, was a young woman who grew up in Sebatu and was excited to show us her home. Erma took us to her family’s home where we met her grandma and uncle who make handicrafts to sell at the local market. In traditional Balinese homes, multiple generations live in a walled compound. The position, location, and orientation of each building is what ensures harmony. Elders live in one pavilion, their children and grandchildren live in others, the kitchen is separate, and a central courtyard holds a common living area and family shrine.

We ended our tour with a picnic surrounded by rice paddies. It was a great day, but I was happy to jump in the pool when we got back to the hotel!

Our amazing guide Erma from Puri Gangga Resort and Spa


Erma’s family home


Erma’s uncle applying gold leaf to Hindu altar offering bowl

Erma’s family shrine

Village pigs


Rice paddies surrounding Sebatu


Jackfruit tree


Picnic surrounded by rice paddies


Infinity pool at Puri Gangga

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